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Buildings and their surroundings
As an on-going assignment I am photographing the buildings designed by Klunder Architecten, from Rotterdam. They are looking for images which show how their buildings are part of their surroundings and how they connect with people using them. A different brief as normally architects are looking for clean and highly controlled images with all the emphasis on the building.

This makes it very interesting for me as a people and landscape photographer. My initial thought was that photographing stable and static buildings would be easier than photographing people with their emotions and unpredictable interactions. However I have been surprised every time by unforeseen circumstances and realise that the buildings are indeed very much part of their surroundings. The way they look and come out on photo depends on things happening around them.

To put it very simple: I sometimes travel 100 km to a location to find out that there is a big moving company truck parked in front of the building for the whole day. Or there is a group of youngsters sharing joints and cans of beer just on the spot where I would need to stand to get the perfect angle. A haze covering the sun can appear from nowhere and mute the colours. The position of sun is ideal form one side but less so from the others. A upset ‘coffee-shop’ owner who needs to be convinced that I am not zooming in to his shop or clients but taking a photo of the building in general.

Beforehand I check weather forecasts, use google maps and image search but at the location there is always a surprise. I need to improvise and find solutions and this makes it such an interesting assignment for me.



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