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Photography for beginners 1

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A difficult scene to get right with the Auto-function. Flash would ruin this! Time to move on to more advanced shooting modes!

Do you have a nice camera but only use it on auto-mode? Would you like to get to know more about the creative possibilities of

your camera?

I offer photography courses for beginners, taught in English, in The Hague, close to the ISH. Lessons are conducted in small groups or on a one-on-one basis.

Photography for beginners 1

This course consists of five lessons of two hours each, out of which one is a photography field-trip. During this course, you will learn how to improve your photography by gaining a better understanding of the basic principles of photography, composition, light and choice of subject. You will learn how to take beautiful portraits with a blurry background, how to photograph in low-light situation without the flash, how to compose interesting landscapes, how to control the point where the camera focuses, and much more. You will move on from the auto-shooting mode to the creative modes on your camera. You will learn to make the most out of your camera and your photography will improve! The price for the five lessons is 150 euros incl btw. This includes course materials. I will also set up a Facebook group where the course assignments can be posted for friendly comments by me and your fellow course participants.

In this photo I chose the point where the camera focuses at off-centre and used a very shallow depth-of-field which creates this dreamy effect. To take a photo a like this you don’t need very expensive equipment, just the knowhow of how to use your cameras capabilities!

Photography for beginners 2

This course consists of four lessons of two hours each, out of which one is a photography field trip. In this follow up course we’ll look deeper in to shutter speed, composition, and how to be sure to have always a good focus in your photos. We will work together for a photography project and during the last lesson we’ll practise everything we have learned in workshops of still-life, movement and portrait photo. We use also Facebook group in this course to share the photos for our group theme. The price for this course is 120euros, btw included.

I have developed all course material by myself. You will get extensive handouts, encouraging support on Facebook and a chance to connect with likeminded people in a friendly and supportive setting. I have run these courses now for a few years in Paris and in The Hague and I am always thrilled to see the progress my students are making.

An example of a portrait with blurry background which really makes the subject stand out.

This is what Tammy, one of my former students says: “To anyone thinking of commencing a Photography course. I highly recommend Anu Berghuis Photography. I recently completed a Photography for Beginners Course which runs over 5 x 2hr sessions, teaching you everything from technical understanding of your camera in manual mode whilst creating an eye for photography. Photography is certainly not a case of point and shot. Anu gives you tips on what to look for when taking a photo and brings the best out of you. The course is easy to follow, taught in a casual friendly atmosphere and Anu is by your side helping you every step of the way. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and was disappointed when it finished. My photography has improved dramatically and am now more than confident to turn the auto button off !!

Private tutoring

In private workshops we can go through the same material as in group lessons. Or I can tailor it to fit your specific needs. We can move at a quicker pace than in group lessons, if this is what you need. You will also have the learning materials and a Facebook group to post your assignments to.

Here one of my students on a fieldtrip!

Here are some nice words from Ruchi, who finished her course with me in the 2016 spring. “Thanks Anu for initiating me to the wonderful world of photography. For someone who didn’t know how to even handle a camera properly and now taking pictures confidently in all the modes. What I would have learned in one year I learned in just 5 weeks.Thanks for Your expert advice and valuable tips” – Thanks Ruchi! 🙂

Please feel free contact me for more information on the course outline and starting dates either through the contact form on my page or by sending an e-mail directly to: info@anuberghuis.com or by phone: 06 40 78 47 05. See you soon!