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Anu Berghuis

Who: I am photographer and photography teacher based in The Hague, a proud owner of my own company, a graduate from University of Leiden and Photography Institute, mum in a busy family with three children, originally from Finland but lived and loved since then Morocco, Russia, France and the Netherlands. Now we are based in The Hague and we are here to stay!

What: I take portrait photos of people for their professional or personal use. I am strong in making people feel conformable and see the process of taking a portrait as one of cooperation between me and the subject. I teach photography classes in groups and in private in the Hague. In my courses you really learn how to use your camera and you will be surprised by your quick progress. I photograph events, weddings, presentations, families, website content, buildings. In everything I do I always put aesthetics on the first place and give my 100% to my client.

How: My style of photography is respectful and peaceful. I use the best available equipment but technics come on the second place for me. Most important is finding connection with my subject and by creating a relaxed ambiance based on trust it is possible to create the best photos. It does not have to be so serious all, having fun is important and I always try to make the sessions enjoyable and easygoing.