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Small things of life – Autumn walk in Park Sorghvliet

One of the hidden green gems of The Hague is park Sorghvliet. It is located between the dunes and the city centre, protected from the view by a brick wall surrounding the park. I love to photograph parks so I was quite excited to visit it for the first time.

During my morning walk there mid October the sun was hiding behind a thick layer of clouds. There were only occasional bursts of light sparkling through the branches. I must admit I am quite a light-snob and while walking through the shadowy park I felt uninspired to even take my camera out. Imagine how some sunshine would bring this scene below to life! It would lift the dullness and make you want to follow the path to enjoy the last warmth before the winter.

But then I started to notice other things. Like the mushrooms growing all around. There were different colours and shapes, growing from trees andĀ tree trunks, hiding under fallen branches and leaves. Due to the low light levels I would have needed a tripod to capture them beautifullyā€¦ I was shooting with shutter speeds of 1/13 and that is too slow tohandhold formeā€¦ Luckily I got some sharp ones from this one, which grew like a bunch of grapes on a tree.

Then I started to notice more and more interesting little things. The were beautiful just by themselves and did not need to be brought to life by the blessing of rays of sun. One lost feather laying on a brown leaf, water looking like a silver path, bright green leaves growing on a fallen tree, red berries yelling for attention, last flowers of the season blooming, a black cat taking a breakā€¦These little things made me forget the time and enjoy the walk around the area, capturing one beautiful thing after other.


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